Skin Treatments

Our Aim

Skin and anti-ageing treatments are getting more common now, with fewer people succumbing to the surgeons scalpel. Our aim is to provide a process, with long term assessment to provide the best programme of treatment and homecare to ensure short term brightening and lifting of the skin, and longer term deeper anti-ageing and skin-protection to ensure skin looks as great in 10 years time!

Complementary Skin Assessment

All of our skin treatments start with a skin assessment so we understand your concerns and current routine. A full, no-obligation treatment and homecare package will be provided in writing so you can make your decision about what treatments and products you want to start with. Regular assessments ensure you always get the best, most effective results for your skin. You will never be recommended something that we do not believe will be great for you.

So What Can Be Done?

We offer a variety of treatments to treat a range of skin problems, from general ageing to pigmentation, Rosacea and Acne. Chemical peels, a comprehensive product range and IPL skin rejuvenation can be targeted to achieve many things on the skin. Small thread veins can be reduced or even removed completely, pigment patches reduced or removed, and general improvements in skin colour, tone, texture and elasticity can all be achieved.

Thread Veins

Also known as spider veins, spider naevi, spider angiomae, telangiectasis, or arterial spiders. These are very common, small spidery veins seen just under the skin an area caused by hormones, weight gain and loss, working in hot environments, and pregnancy. Multiple veins can be indicative of alcoholic cirrhosis but is less common. These veins appear as the blood flow becomes sluggish and less efficient. IPL therapy causes these tiny vessels to collapse down so the blood is no longer visible. Don’t worry though – we do not need all of these tiny vessels and will not cause you any problems once they have been treated! They often disappear immediately during treatment, but sometimes take a few days to vanish.


Pigmentation appears due to ageing of the skin, in particular exposure to UVA and UVB rays. Using a good quality, physical barrier SPF (sun protection factor) can stop these forming, and prevent further damage, but very often the damage is already done before we realise that we should have done something about it!

Pigmentation can be very ageing – watch any Hollywood blockbuster, and the first thing the make up artists/CGI technicians will do to age someone is to mottle their skin tone, long before they start adding wrinkles, so this is a good place to start for rejuvenated skin.

Pigmentation spots can often be treated in 1-3 sessions of IPL, either as individual patch treatments or as a whole face treatment to even out skin tone and generally reduce pigmentation. Chemical Peels, homecare products and Oxygeneo treatments are also effective at reducing pigmentation and evening out skin tone, and we offer a full range of cosmeceutical products that are also designed to help.

Chemical Skin Peels

Many people, when they hear the term ‘skin peel’ or ‘chemical peel’ envisage traumatic, painful treatments that leave your skin red raw and flaking off. There are 3 levels of peel, the most severe being deep peels that are done with anaesthetic and a Doctor in attendance, using toxic chemicals and take several weeks to recover from. Medium peels often use the more common Glycolic Acid, however there is still significant down-time from these, meaning you often can’t go out in public for around a week. Alumier Peels are known as ‘superficial’ peels, meaning that there is no down-time but the results are often pronounced after even one treatment.  They are a much more gentle, less aggressive way of treating the skin and it is possible to reduce signs and symptoms of Rosacea, Acne, sun and age spots and pigmentation, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, general signs of ageing, dryness and dehydration with our gorgeous products and peels from Alumier MD.


No – there is virtually no down-time to an Alumier chemical skin peel. The products work gently within the layers of skin, but the results happen gradually rather than all at once, meaning you don’t have to take a week off work!

Immediately afterwards, our clients generally leave absolutely glowing! The skin looks refreshed and feels soft and hydrated. Over the next few days, the skin remains feeling fabulous, and after a few days a little patchy flaking may be noticed, however it is subtle and make up can be used – we often get told that foundation goes on much better after a peel.

Initially, best results are achieved by having peels every 2 weeks for up to 6 treatments, then maintenance peels can be performed monthly thereafter. However all of our skin peels are suitable for standalone treatments, and still leave the skin feeling gorgeous.

Our peels are very safe as a walk-in treatment, however if you have recently had strong sun exposure, an enzyme peel is better than a full depth chemical peel, and gives equally lovely results but avoids any risks of post-peel pigmentation.

Darker skin tones can have an enzyme peel as a walk-in treatment, but for deeper peels it is advised to pre-treat with homecare products for 2 weeks to avoid post-peel pigmentation.

If you are pregnant, you would be better advised to have an enzyme peel rather than a full chemical peel, and an allergy to aspirin means that the deeper chemical peels are not suitable.

However, most people can safely have a lovely, effective peel with no pre-treatment. We always do a full skin and health assessment prior to undertaking any skin peels or treatments, and our consultations are always free of charge. You can also upgrade your skin assessment, for £20 you can include a fantastic enzyme skin peel treatment at the same time and experience what we can achieve!


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